Class Descriptions

Pre-primary (Ages 5 – 7) / Primary (Ages 6 – 8)

Age appropriate instruction that includes lots of fun!  Based on natural and fundamental movement that is physiologically and mentally appropriate for the young child.  These classes lay the foundation for the future study of classical ballet with exposure to a wide variety of music to enhance artistic development and creativity.

Beginning Ballet (RAD Ballet 1 & 2) (Ages 8 +)

An  introduction to classical ballet emphasizing correct body alignment, positions, and basic steps.  Includes character dancing.

Advanced Beginner (RAD Ballet 3)

Introduces more complex combinations of steps, body, directions, and movement, along with the use of épaulment.  Includes character dancing. For more information about character dancing and free movement, please visit our FAQ.

Pre-Intermediate (RAD Ballet 4 & 5 and Intermediate Foundation)

Continued advancement of classical ballet technique with the introduction of pointe-work for students meeting the requirements.  Includes character dancing.

Intermediate/Advanced (RAD Vocational Levels)

Vocational level classes with emphasis on refined technical development and further enhancement of musicality and artistic expression.  Includes pointe.  The technical demands of these levels require the student to study a minimum of three times/week, although four to five weekly classes are recommended.



Skype Lessons (RAD Ballet 3 and higher)

These internet lessons are available for students who have previously studied the RAD Syllabus.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Individualized instruction focusing on the  specific goals and needs of the student.

Note: Age acceptability for class may be younger or older than noted, to be determined by the instructor. Adults are welcome in any classes from beginning to the advanced levels, according to ability.