There are a lot of dance schools. Why should we choose your school?

With an RAD certified instructor you are assured safe, professional, cutting-edge training in a caring environment.  Whether or not your child dreams of ballet as a vocation, they will be given the most careful instruction.  For the serious and capable student, RAD training will give them the technique to compete in the professional dance world, and for all, dancing at The Ballet Academy is just plain FUN!

Do you accept all students at The Ballet Academy?

Yes, students of all ages and abilities are welcome, whether they wish to pursue dance as a profession or just experience dance for the joy of it. All students will benefit from the discipline, physical fitness, and confidence that ballet instills.

What are RAD Examinations?

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) offers examinations in classical ballet for both young and older children starting out in dance and more experienced dancers. They give the student a chance to see how they compare to other students of their age and level on a world-wide standard, along with fostering a sense of pride and tangible accomplishment.  They also reassure the parent that their child is receiving the best instruction available. Participating in examinations is not a requirement for study at The Ballet Academy, but the focus required for a successful exam outcome benefits the student in improved technique and artistry.

There are so many cute dance outfits. Why do your ballet classes require a uniform?

The benefit to having all students in a class wear the RAD approved uniform is uniformity and a professional atmosphere. For Pre-primary and Primary students, the skirt trains their arms for a demi-seconde postition, and the ballet socks allow the instructor to see leg muscle development more clearly. At the higher levels, the waist belts help the student find their center and keep their pelvis level.  Only one leotard is needed, so less money will be spent on dance attire.

Do students perform in a year-end recital?

This depends on the particular year and the number of students enrolled. If enrollment is small the students will do an “in-class” performance.

There are so many activities available for children. Why should my child study dance?

Even if your child does not dream of becoming a ballerina, the study of ballet has much to offer. As an exercise, ballet is superb. It develops good posture, increases strength and flexibility, and instills grace. The repetition stimulates the brain and memory, and movement to music develops the ear.  As a mode of self-expression and creativity it is unparalleled.  Dance study will also teach your child dedication and commitment, enhance their mental focus, build their confidence and self-esteem, and awaken a life-long appreciation for the art of dance.

What is character dance?

Character dance is the theatrical version of the folk dances of different lands. These types of dances have been incorporated into all of the major classical ballet works, and they are an essential part of a dancer’s training. Character dancing is also a lot of fun!

When should my child start pointe?

A minimum age of 11 yrs old, with at least 3 years of consistent training and appropriate strength and technique are required for starting pointe-work. This is to be determined by the instructor. The student must take a minimum of 2 classes/week, although three is recommended.

Can we observe a class before signing up?

Yes. We would be delighted to have you visit our classes, both the one your child would attend and a more advanced class to see the skills your child will be developing in the future.