The Ballet Academy: An Elite Dance School

Photography from The Genée International Ballet Competition 2015 in London. 

Training with the Ballet Academy, northern Michigan’s only Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)-certified school, offers world-class professional ballet training for the serious student. It is safe and age-appropriate, both physically and mentally. Young bodies are not strained or contorted. Correct technique is emphasized and expected. Musicality and artistry are developed to the student’s highest potential.

The Ballet Academy offers a complete training program for young dancers.  Our most successful students progress over time from absolute beginners to experienced dancers ready to audition for ballet companies, continue their studies at prestigious schools, or simply to take the physical and mental growth attained by the work into their adult lives.

On average, students participating in the complete program study with The Ballet Academy for 10 years, depending on the age they started.  It takes long and careful training to produce an artist!

What makes the Ballet Academy different from other dance schools?

While casual and for-play dance and movement classes are great for all children, the Ballet Academy is something different. Discipline, focus, and commitment are expected of the students. Standards are high. Our focus is on technique and overall development of the dancer, rather than “routines” and recitals.

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Certified

The instructor is licensed by a global, professional dance organization to teach classical ballet. A RAD teacher goes through years of extensive training and has passed examinations to become certified in ballet pedagogy. Continuing professional certification courses are also required, assuring parents and students that up-to-date training is always offered.

Students have the option to participate in RAD Examinations and be assessed, on a worldwide standard, by international professionals in the field of ballet.

Safe, Personalized Ballet Training in Northwest Michigan

At the Ballet Academy, class sizes are small, and each student receives personalized attention and instruction tailored to their skill level.

Training at The Ballet Academy is correct and safe. The exercises of ballet, even if they appear “simple”, are not benign. They are deceptively powerful, and since the movements are done repeatedly, if performed incorrectly they can deform the growing skeletons of children and cause injury to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Damage, especially to the bones, can cause permanent deformity. Incorrect technique will also inhibit advancement.

The student will develop good posture and grace in movement, rather than the bad posture and clunky movement typical of a poorly trained body.

No Distractions, No Waste of Time or Money

Here, an annual recital that requires students to learn and perform routines they’ll never dance again is not on the agenda. Not only will your student enjoy a better environment for remaining focused on their studies, you will not waste money on expensive costumes that will be worn once or lessons that don’t build on your young dancer’s education.

In short, you will get the best value for the time and money spent on lessons.

Regarding  Registration

The Ballet Academy offers two semesters of study per year, and students are expected to sign up for an entire semester when registering.

Semester I:  September – December

Semester II:  January – June

Semester III: Mid-June – July

Payments are due monthly for the entire semester.  If the student drops out before the end of the term, payment is still due in full.

The Ballet Academy is accepting beginning students age 4 and older. Students with prior training must apply by audition for class placement. Call (231) 882-9314 to schedule.